How a Skincare Can Improve My Contribution to the World

SIITA cosmetic
Source: SIITA website

A great skincare product should positively impact our skin and our world.

Over the years, we have been flooded with many skincare products that only focus on making a profit and less care about the world.

Talking about skincare,

I started using some skincare products when I was in high school. A facial wash is the first product that I used. Puberty — they called, forced me to start taking care of my skin more seriously because I have some pimples on my face. I was feeling embarrassed at that time.

Today, I have become so picky about the skincare products I use. Not only about “what this skincare product can do for my skin,” but I am concerned about “what this skincare product can do for our world.”

Last month, someone introduced me to a skincare brand named SIITA.

World’s first, Zero waste company — SIITA company.

“Wow!” I responded excitedly.

I start to do some research for that company. It is not only about their products but also about their visions and projects. In general, what they can do for a better world.

Long story short, I know SIITA is a brand that cares about the customer’s skin health and our world through their projects created.

There is no reason for me not to buy SIITA products. And I realize my decision to buy their products affects my contribution to making a better world. Here are the reasons why:

The Package Is Using Bio-Degradable Plastic

How bio-degradable plastic degrade
Source: prnewswire

That package itself can be degradable within 80 days.

It’s save for the world!

That means I contributed to saving our world from those immortal plastics that badly impact our environment. Those things are everywhere and have become a critical issue for our planet. It makes my heart sad when I watch the video about a turtle with some plastic stuck on its body. So sad.

I don’t realize how important a product’s package is for the world at first. But after buying a SIITA product and browsing their website plus reading about their philosophy, it shocked me: Degradable plastic can positively impact our environment.

The things that make me more impressed are that they are using the box, tape, and buffer made from recyclable paper.

“Wow!” I responded impressively, again.

Vegan Certified: No Animal Tested and Ingredients

I easily cry when I see a tormented animal: a cat, dog, whale, dolphin, rabbit, and other animals. I don’t know; I can’t see it.

I feel like I stabbed exactly in my heart.

Maybe you are the same type of person as me?

When I know SIITA did not use any animal ingredients in their product, I fell in love with this brand. Little did I know, testing the product on animals can make their condition become not good — even they are being tormented!

No no no…

I can’t imagine that.

By using vegan certified skincare products, I indirectly save animals from any tormented or harmful test. It looks small, again, but it can significantly impact the world’s creatures.

Every Aspect of the Product Is Useful: Zero Waste

Based on the SIITA website, they will collect unused product packages. And they will wash it until it is clean, then crush it into small pieces. I was more surprised when I knew that they would make organic compost using that “small pieces product’s package.” Wow!

That organic compost is free of plastic and high-quality compost. And then, SIITA will supply the organic compost to local farmers and communities. In the end, the product package can positively impact the environment. Wonderful.

At this point, I completely understood why the media referred to SIITA as the “Apple of Cosmetics”.

I Donate Indirectly to People in Need through SIITA Project

There are a lot of people in need out there. From displaced people, the homeless, children in orphanages, and more.

Through the SIITA project, they allocate some of their profit to fund the people in need. With hope this project can help more people in need.

More people smile = better humanity.

The customers can join this project by simply buying the skincare product. Here is the way to enter it:

  1. There is a unique code on the product package.
  2. Access
  3. Submit your unique code to the form.
  4. Congrats! You’ve joined the project.

With my limitations, I can’t reach the people in need. And also, I can’t help them only by myself. SIITA project connects the other customers and me to those people in need — so that I can help them indirectly through this project.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Final Thought

It is time for us to start paying attention to the skincare products that we buy.

Are they harm our skin? Are they breaking our world with their non-degradable package? Are they hurting the animals by testing their chemical product on them?

And more.

It’s not hard; we need to search the brand’s website first to find some information about them. If the brand is making a good impact on humanity and the world, let’s buy their product. If not, find another brand.

Final word,

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A 4-am writer who writes about everything he wants | Stripe doesn’t support my country. Buy me a coffee >

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Wangga Kharisnu

Wangga Kharisnu

A 4-am writer who writes about everything he wants | Stripe doesn’t support my country. Buy me a coffee >

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